Sony Charges Too Much For PS3 Game, Refunding Customers

The Deadpool game, out this week, looks OK! Maybe not $60 worth of OK, which is what Sony were charging for the game on the PlayStation Network, but that's fine, because it shouldn't really have been priced at $60.


The retail version was $50, and to make it up to those who paid $10 to forgo possession of a box and disc, Sony is offering everyone who bought the game digitally a $10 credit on their PSN accounts.

Deadpool: We're aware of a PSN price discrepancy. If you bought it at $59.99 you'll get $10 credit, look for XMB message with info this week

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) June 26, 2013

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From what I've seen, it's not even worth $50. The only thing good from this game is Deadpool's antics, I'll just watch the playthrough on Youtube.