Michael Ephraim, boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, has spoken out against the country's continued lack of an adults-only rating for video games.

"Gaming has moved on, the choice of content has moved on and I think it is time Australia gets in step with the rest of the world and has an R rating classification," he told the Associated Press earlier today in Sydney.


"I think it is just giving people choice. You give people choice for movies, books, whatever. Why aren't you giving them choice for gaming?

"The Government needs to move on, to stop thinking that gaming is for kids, gaming has grown up. Eight to 88 (year olds) play games now ... the average age of a gamer is something like 24 years old."

It's a moot point at the moment, of course. Public submissions on a change to Australia's outdated classification system, which when implemented never thought an adults-only ratings would be needed for video games, are already before the government, who are waiting on submissions from non-gamers before proceeding.

Sony boss supports R rating for games [News]

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