Sony Boss Responds To Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo caused quite a stir at the E3 gaming expo with its glasses-free Nintendo 3DS. In an interview with Japan's Sankei, Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai had this to say about the glasses-free 3D tech:

"In in-house research, naked eye 3D for portable machines is not high and there are presently limits for it." Sony is releasing a series of 3D high definition televisions that require viewers to wear 3D glasses. The PS3 is also 3D enabled, but likewise requires glasses.

At the time of the interview last week, Hirai had not yet checked out the Nintendo 3DS, so he was not in a position to comment on whether Nintendo has, in his opinion, successfully brought glasses-free 3D gaming to a handheld gaming device. Hirai seemed to indicate to Sankei that Sony is currently not thinking about bringing 3D glasses-free gaming to its own portable, the PSP.

Hirai does not mention this, but it can be assumed that once Sony is able to offer glasses-free 3D at level it seems suitable, then the company could conceivably offer this on a future iteration of the PlayStation Portable.


The Sony exec did stress that the goal was to bring well-realized 3D games to the PS3 — an admirable goal. It's just a shame that the initial buy-in requires several thousand dollars for a new television. The same steep buy in was required when gamers switched from analog to digital gaming. That, however, was only a few years ago!

平井一夫SCE社長 PSP 裸眼3D追随せず [SankeiBiz] [Pic]

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Yeah, They are pushing 3D way too soon and too fast. I personally don't think it's worth the money to upgrade TV's already, when the jump to HD wasn't all that long ago.