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Few weeks back, Activision boss Bobby Kotick had some strong words to say about the price of the PS3. Today, Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer has some strong words for people bugging him about a PS3 price cut.


Responding to Kotick's threats that Activision may "stop supporting" Sony consoles, Stringer says "He likes to make a lot of noise. He's putting pressure on me and I'm putting pressure on him. That's the nature of business."


Stringer was equally blunt to anyone else banging on about the price of the PS3, telling a Reuters reporter asking about the logic of not cutting the console's price "I (would) lose money on every PlayStation I make — how's that for logic."

No need to get so touchy, Sir Howard. It's not your fault. Just blame Ken Kutaragi! Problem. Solved.

Sony CEO dismisses price cut chatter on PlayStation [Reuters]

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