Sonic’s expansive lore has provided both fans and bystanders alike with a treasure trove of good and “lawfully evil” phenomena over the past 31 years of the character’s existence. On the one hand, you’ve got hidden gems such as the 1996 Sonic OVA, Machinima’s YouTube comedy series Sonic For Hire, and YouTuber SnapCube’s hilarious real-time fandub series.


Then there’s the dark side of Sonic fan lore. Last year when then-President Donald Trump tried to launch the social media website, GETTR, off the ground it was met with leftist Sonic memes, furry vore artwork, and—of course—mpreg art. This just goes to show that championing a “free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and ‘cancel culture’” Twitter alternative can lead to hashtags like #sonicfeet, #sonicismygod, #soniclovescommunism, #sonicmylove, and #sonic_came_in_my_bussy running wild in your virtual town square.

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If it were me getting hired as the “lore guy” for Sonic, I’d make reciting the theme song for the ‘99 cartoon, Sonic Underground, mandatory before the start of any lore meeting like the Pledge of Allegiance. It is important to not forget your history.