Sonic Boom Glitch Kinda Ruins The Game (If You Want To)

Illustration for article titled emSonic Boom/em Glitch Kinda Ruins The Game (If You Want To)

Sonic's motto might be "Gotta Go Fast," but this is probably not what he means when he says that.


Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was released yesterday, but already some players have found a game-breaking bug. As DarkspinesSonic shows in the following video, players can currently extend Knuckle's jump infinitely if they pause the game:

The glitch is letting players get through the game in less than an hour, as this footage by Parax0 shows:

This includes being able to skip entire portions of the game—even parts of the final boss fight. And it's likely that speedrunners will be able to beat the game even faster once they optimize the run (you can watch a speedrunner try right now, actually). It's absurd, but also kind of amazing.


(Via neoGAF)

This post did not originally credit the person who discovered the glitch, and was edited to remedy that.

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