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Sonic Is Getting Zelda-Themed DLC

Illustration for article titled emSonic/em Is Getting Zelda-Themed DLC

A press release for today's surprise Sonic Lost World new Yoshi's Island level for Wii U includes the following tease, reprinted here with the original emphasis: "And get ready to link to another special DLC for Sonic Lost World in 2014. More info to come on that one shortly."


That sure looks like the tease of a Zelda-themed level. Neat!

UPDATE: I've added an image from today's Nintendo Direct that I hadn't caught when it first aired. My stream faltered. Thankfully, many of you spotted it and pointed it out. Looks like we can consider this confirmed!

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The Palmtop Tiger

The fact that Nintendo characters are appearing in a Sonic game kind of signals a change in Sega and Nintendo ideology; whereas Sonic was once (even until recently) Mario's competitor, it seems Sega and Nintendo think that they can coexist peacefully.