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Sonic 2 Boss Toy Can Be Defeated By Hitting Weak Spot Three Times

Dr. Robotnik’s Death Egg Robot finally gets the colorful plastic playset it deserves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Can you tell which one is the toy and which is the game? I hope so.
Gif: Jakks Pacific / Kotaku

For nearly three decades Sonic the Hedgehog fans have been flinging our spiky blue hero against the armored hull of Dr. Robotnik’s Death Egg Robot from Sonic 2. Why’d we have to wait until Sonic’s 30th anniversary for a proper Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set?

There are several perfectly logical reasons for the wait, actually. For one, toymakers did not care about the broken hearts of children back in the early ‘90s. Second, the $40 set seems to be a Target exclusive, and the retail chain was only just getting started in 1992. Finally, Jakks Pacific, the only toy company brave enough to give us a 10-inch tall Death Egg Robot with battle damage and firing wrist spikes, wasn’t founded until 1995, and it took them a while to get warmed up. Other than those three excuses, there is no excuse.

The packaging for Jakks Pacific's Giant Eggman Robot Battle set.
Eggman is Eggman in every language.
Photo: Jakks Pacific

In all seriousness, Jakks Pacific has been picking up some serious toy slack recently on both the Sega and Nintendo fronts, with toys like this massive egg mech and this fall’s Super Mario Bowser Airship. Looks like if publishers want a big plastic playset representing scenes from their classic games, Jakks Pacific is the toymaker to tap.

A toy catapult with a plastic balled-up Sonic the Hedgehog figure inside.
Who knew Sonic was so flexible? I knew. You knew. DeviantArt knows.
Photo: Getty Images

As impressive as the Death Egg is, let us not discount the importance of a plastic catapult that launches a tiny balled-up hedgehog across our living rooms. I almost wish they sold Sonic and his catapult by themselves, so I could place them in strategic locations throughout my home should the need to fling tiny spiked mammals arise.


But in this playset Sonic is not the star. No, it’s of course the Death Egg, which Jakks Pacific cannot call the Death Egg because selling children things with “Death” in the name is generally frowned upon unless “Star” comes after it. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a glorious tribute to Robotnik’s mechanical genius and gigantic ego. After spending millions of gold rings developing this murder robot, he added eyes, a nose, simulated teeth, and a moustache. That’s the kind of mad scientist we’re dealing with here.

A close view of Jakks Pacific's Death Egg Robot toy, complete with fancy moustache.
One day I hope to make a Fahey robot to kill my nemesis, and it will have my face.
Photo: Jakks Pacific

Perhaps those golden rings would have been better spent on additional armor components, because all it takes for this toy robot to bust apart is three hits from a hedgehog catapult, conveniently included. You can watch Robotnik’s failure become complete in the delightfully old-school commercial below.

Jakks Pacific (YouTube)

See the joy on that child’s face? That is a child who has never played Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Imagine how much more genuine and heartfelt that smile would be on the face of someone who knows what a Death Egg Robot is.