We've seen the single-player and multiplayer modes of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Now it's time for a little cooperative survival. Well, eventually time. First we dance.

The first minute and a half of this "Power Changes Everything" trailer is dedicated to showing us some incredibly cool visuals from the story mode and online multiplayer. I particularly love the slide and the bit where the player Scorpions the pilot out of the mech. "Get over here!"

Now that you're over here, a minute and a half in we get the first public look at what's essentially a horde mode. Shown to judges behind closed doors at E3 earlier this year, Exo Survival pits a team of players against varying waves of enemies. Maybe there's a wave of drones, followed by a wave of heavy mech suits and topped with some cloaked enemies. That sort of thing. Check it out.

Two hopes here. First, I hope there's a special wave where you fight an endless horde of Kevin Spaceys (Yannick's suggestion). And second, hopefully this isn't Advanced Warfare's answer to zombies or aliens, and I can still have my robot uprising.