Compatibility is difficult, that's why there's an entire industry behind dating and advising people on how to best find true love. It's not just romance, though: compatibility is important, yet equally difficult when you're playing games with your buddies. What if your playstyles don't match up?

Here's an amusing video by TheWarpZone which looks at what must happen when things simply aren't working between two co-op buddies. You gotta break up, people—you gotta break up before you're in too deep and can't figure out how.

I always worry about stuff like that when playing with other folk, too—that my play-style isn't congruous with theirs. Maybe they don't give a shit about the story, but I need to listen to everything the characters say. Maybe I rush through a level when they want to soak it all in. Stuff like that. Finding someone that gels with your playstyle is hard, man!

Co-Op Breakup [TheWarpZone]