Tell Us What Ridiculous Overwatch Controllers To Make

Sometimes, a keyboard doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, a sterile console controller doesn’t really capture the true undertones of a video game character. For example, I bet a screaming blender controller would better put me in touch with Overwatch’s Genji. For McCree, maybe a couple Snap Dragons and a water gun.


Readers, we need your help. Tell us what stupid, weird Overwatch controllers to engineer.

Last Fall, streamer Rudeism came up with some crazy Overwatch controllers. Using a Makey-Makey, he maneuvered Dva with flight sticks. He rigged up a Nerf Bow to control Hanzo and, in an inspired feat of fandom, maneuvered Winston solely with a dozen bananas. Following his stead were others who, inspired by his whimsical approach to Overwatch, came up with their own ridiculous controllers.


We, too, are inspired, and Rudeism has given us his blessing to run with it. We’re planning on making a few of our own ridiculous Overwatch controllers with Makey Makeys we now own. In the comments, tell us what original, stupid Overwatch controllers you want to see. Get crazy. (Warning: We don’t have room to control Roadhog with a fishing pole.)

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Donkey Konga drums for Winston. One side for zappin the other for jumpin