Sometimes A Game About Opening Boxes Is More Fun Than A Game About Shooting, Driving or Jumping

There is a box, and you must open it. The iPad game The Room is as simple as that and is more fun than Christmas morning.

All you're doing in Fireproof Studios' The Room is opening boxes, but you're doing it in the most complex way. These boxes have hidden knobs, secret levers, secret messages scrawled in invisible ink, gears, hatches, switches and more. You must poke and paw at the box on your screen to find these things and manipulate them. You've got to open this box (spoiler: there's another box inside it). If the old PC classic Myst was about opening boxes, it would be this game.


There's nothing more to write, except that those in fear of paying $4.99 to open just a few very complicated boxes would be well served to suck it up. This is one of the best games on the iPad. Pay for quality.

The game requires an iPad 2 or higher.

The Room - $4.99 [iTunes]


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