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Something To Watch While You Wait For Half-Life 3

Ever the beacon of hope, resilience, and the most useful coping mechanism of all—denial—I continue to believe we'll see legendary shooter sequel Half-Life 3. Someday. Until then, we can always torture ourselves with great videos that make us desperately want to see more of this world. Good idea, no?


So the ending is kind of predictable and the whole thing might not entirely reflect that way things work in Valve's disheveled dystopia, but it's still super well done. Good job, Deviant Pictures. You will surely be rewarded with a copy of Half-Life 3 if you live long enough and/or put your brain in an age-proof jar and then cryogenically freeze the jar and then put the frozen jar in a lead-lined refrigerator and then pray.

The same creator also made this "what if?" cinematic trailer for a hypothetical Half-Life 3. I don't like it quite as much as the video above—the first one was intimate and powerful; this one is kinda silly and feels like a Dead Space knock-off—but you can't fault their dedication.

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That was really good.
Oh man...i had almost forgotten about this...