And no, it's not made out of gold. But the winning bidder must be made out of money.

According to Itai News, a completed RX-93 ν Gundam model sold for 926,001 yen (US$9,261) in an online auction. Bidding started at 100 yen, which is about one dollar.


The actual model, in its unpainted and disassembled state, currently fetches around 4,600 yen (US$46) on Amazon Japan.

The builder, known as zazi-8385, said it took ten months to complete the model and its custom paint job. When you look at the detail, that's easy to believe. Here, you can see a normal completed kit compared with zazi_8385's mind-blowing detail:

And here's a side-by-side comparison:

Zazi_8385 thanked everyone for their interest in the auction and is currently in communication with the winning bidder. AKA, the person who is willing to part with ten grand for this completed model kit.

ヤフオクでガンプラが92万6,001円で落札される [痛いニュース via 2ch]

Photos: Amethyst

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