Someone Turned Starcraft II Into a Turn-Based RPG

I have to admit, it still makes me excited when I see modders pushing the limits of StarCraft II's Galaxy Editor, an editor which is basically designed to make new maps or mini-games. Modder Greythepirate took it to the next level and pushed live 'Rogue Star', a tactical turn-based RPG.

It looks pretty smooth. Something to reinstall StarCraft II for, if you're into single player stuff and not interested in the game's competitive part.


Arcade Links (in

  • NA: starcraft://map/1/236922
  • EU: starcraft://map/2/165083
  • SEA: starcraft://map/6/21877
  • KR/TW: starcraft://map/3/84305

Rogue Star Prologue Trailer [YouTube, via r/starcraft]

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