Someone Remade A Bunch Of Classic Custom Halo 3 Maps In The New Halo

The ability to create and tinker with custom maps in the Halo series was first introduced in Halo 3's Forge mode. Players went wild with it, creating all sorts of maps and introducing new gameplay rules to go along with it.


Take, for instance, Duck Hunt, where the objective isn't exactly a team versus team scenario, but rather one sniper against many "ducks" who try to scurry safely across the map.

Here's an example of how that works out:

Forge maps can be fun and creative twists on the standard shooter modes with standard rules.

Now that Halo 3 is back on the mind with the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, player GrammyXBL has been hard at work bringing back a handful of those classic custom Halo 3 maps in brand new HD.

You can see a montage of a preview of some of those maps in the video at the top. GrammyXBL certainly isn't the only one remaking some of these custom maps/games, but the creator in this case seems to have worked on quite a few and is offering to share them with other players.

(via Reddit)

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Someone REALLY needs to bring back the "Fat Kid" or "Fat Boy" zombie maps from Halo 3. For those who don't know, these were maps that forced all the Spartan players along a specific path, with various roadblocks that required them to punch/slice/shoot objects until there was enough roof to squeeze through. All of this while zombie players spawned behind them. Playing these maps required a lot of teamwork since you had to decide who was going to clear the way and who was going to cover your asses. Also, ammo was limited so things got really intense towards the end!