Someone Recreated The Mandalorian's Ship And More In Far Cry 5

Sure, we might not be getting a new season of The Mandalorian for some time, but until then you can play this Far Cry 5 custom map that recreates the city seen in the first episodes of the show located on the planet Nevarro and the Mando’s sweet spaceship, the Razor Crest.


This custom level was created by Andrew Birtles and based on YouTube videos uploaded by him it seems he’s been working on parts of this map for a few months. The end result is something impressively detailed and authentic.

Yeah okay, maybe Nevarro didn’t have a bunch of bison wandering around outside the main town. But Far Cry Arcade’s map editor doesn’t support import custom alien models, so this is the next best thing.

You can download the map on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Though Birtles does warn that the PS4 and PC versions of the map might have buggy lighting.




Having spent a couple of months eagerly tinkering with Far Cry 5's Arcade editor, I can testify that getting this made had to have been a huge pain in the ass.  One, the build limit can be very restricting, and two, you’re limited to the objects already available in the creator, which is mostly modern American props from the main game (though the DLC set on Mars did add a variety of sci-fi things to work with).  So to cobble together a convincing set of Star Wars things like the ship and the droids is pretty damn impressive.