The Last of Us is a moody and atmospheric game that tries to cultivate a serious tone. Resident Evil 4? Not so much. But when you combine the two, it creates something very special.

The mod above was created earlier this sumer by LegalSoul, a member of the Resident Evil 4 Modding Board. It replaces Leon and Ashley with Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us. LegalSoul says the models are hand-made, using textures extracted from the original game. They even went so far as to add audio and weapons from Naughty Dog's brooding dystopia.


A note: LegalSoul warns that though bricks are edible, they should not be eaten.

WARNING:DO NOT EAT BRICKS, it's possible to do in game, but it is really bad for health. Come on, Joel is an old man and he has a lot of stress these days, and a brick will do no good for his stomach and may cause a painful ache.


Fantastic work. You can read the whole thread over at Resident Evil Modding, along with the details of how the mod was made.

LegalSoulReaper via r/thelastofus. Images via residentevilmodding.

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