Over the weekend, Persona fans got some tremendous news: the next game in Atlus’s quirky series would be out in July, not just for PS4 but for PC as well. Then they found out it was all a big lie.

It all started Friday, when Atlus launched a Persona teaser page that’s been counting down to May 5. Most observers think it’ll end with a Persona 5 release date announcement (you know how everyone loves announcements of announcements), and those theories were apparently validated on Saturday, when NeoGAFfers discovered that someone at Atlus had pressed the button a little too early, revealing a store page that said July 8, 2016.


It seemed too good to be true. A release in Japan this July, and a PC port as well? But there it was:

But alas, the dream was not to be. Shortly afterwards, the website transformed again:


I like to think their password was just “persona.”

As the prank came to light, some fans wondered if this was all some sort of viral scheme, but Atlus PR boss John Hardin was pretty quick to shoot that theory down on Twitter:


The moral of the story? Stop doing announcements of announcements.

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