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Someone Paid Over $750,000 For The World's Largest Video Game Collection

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When Michael Thommason put it up for sale earlier this month, the prospect of taking hold of the world's largest video game collection probably seemed like a tall order for gamers lacking the necessary funds or storage space. But one had the luck and $750,250 necessary to take home the prize.

According to an update on GameGavel, the site where Thommason first posted his Guinness World Record-certified collection in early June, the auction for his 11,000-plus games ended with a winning bid just over three-quarters of a million dollars.


That's a lot of money, no doubt. But it comes out to roughly $68 per game, which is surprisingly (or depressingly) close to the going rate for most console and PC games coming out these days.

There were over fifty bids at the end of the day. Judging by the bidding history, it looks like two different gamers were locked in a pretty intense bidding war for the thing. After a few early bids at comically low prices like $1 or $10, the bidding broke $10,000 on Tuesday, June 10th. Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey even put in two bids that day. Despite all that new Facebook money, he didn't go over $100,000.


By Tuesday evening, user peeps_10091970 and catch123 were the only two left to lock horns.

Catch's last bid on Wednesday morning was for $750,000—up a hefty amount from peeps' previous $700,250. The last $250 put peeps over the edge in this high-stakes game of chicken.

GameGavel didn't provide any further identifying information for the winner. But let's hope whoever it his has some extra closet space. Because judging by the footage of this thing, they're gonna need it:

GameGavel, via Engadget

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