Someone Is Programming The Original Diablo From Scratch

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Diablo III might be doing a good job of quenching your thirst for action RPGs today, but let’s not forget its humble origins: Rogue. Ahem, sorry, the first Diablo. You may rarely feel the urge to play the 90s classic, however, if you do in the future, you might want to check out Freeablo — a cross-platform rewrite of the game’s engine that’s in the works.


A user by the handle “wheybags” announced the project on Reddit a few days ago and linked to an, uh, official website and the GitHub repository where the rewrite’s code resides. Yep, it’s open source under GPL.

Now, this isn’t the whole game — just the bits that put the data on the screen and allow you to play with it. You’ll need to original files to do anything with Freeablo and even then it’s barely playable.

The biggest issue I can see — other than the monumental task of reverse-engineering Diablo — is Blizzard itself. The company has a reputation for fiercely protection its brands, even chasing after things no sensible person would consider harmful.

I’m not sure if Blizzard would shut a project like this down, but I certainly wouldn’t discount the possibility.

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Chris Parrish

Blizzard had World of Starcraft trademarked whats wrong with them protecting their trademark? If they don’t go after 1 person it means they can’t do shit when someone else goes and does the same thing.

The D3 and Linux thing was a false positive for Warden they even admitted that and rectified it, so it’s hardly like they chased after it.

DoTA wasn’t created by Valve it was created by a community that had nothing to do with Valve.

The only real issue is that if Blizzard is working on some of the classic games as is rumoured then they could very well be working on Diablo.

You could have also mentioned the injunction that Blizzard took out against New Line back in 2001 for a film they were planning called Diablo or was that one OK for them to take out?

End of the day tho people have made and are making Diablo within the SC2 engine and Blizzard have zero issue with that, so if they shut this guy down they have to shut all the others down as well.