Someone Is Making A Game Based On the Super Mario Bros Super Show

Many fans have recreated old Mario games in different engines or in different styles. But one fan and his young kids are doing something different. They’re creating a totally original Mario game based on the animated segments from the popular Super Mario Bros. Super Show and it looks amazing.


The fan game is being developed by Jesus Lopez, an animator who has worked on various video games including The Simpsons Tapped Out, Ducktales Remastered and Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero. He is working alongside his two young children, who are helping with artwork and programming. He has been working on the project for nearly three years.

YouTuber SwankyBox recently contacted Lopez and uploaded a video showcasing new footage of the game, behind the scenes documents and early artwork.

All of the animations in the game are hand-drawn by Lopez and are based on the animation style seen in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Specifically the animated segments of the show. The first level of the game is set in Pasta Land, where the first episode of the show is set.

Lopez still has a lot he wants to make, including more areas and different playable characters. But creating animation that looks this good is hard work for one man, so progress is moving slowly. Which is fine for Lopez. For him, this is just one of many personal projects he is working on and is something he does in his free time with his kids. “This is one of my many personal projects so I can stay sharp as an animator in the video game industry,” explained Lopez in the description of a video showcasing the game’s progress.




He’s about to be cease-and-desisted so hard.

Hombrew game developers: please do not tell anyone about your cool fangame until *AFTER* it’s already finished and out!