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In Counter-Strike, players can submit their own weapon skins, which Valve will then consider for use in the actual game if they get enough upvotes. One player decided his self-promotion efforts weren’t enough, so he called in a little assistance.


Yes, that’s Danny Trejo—of Desperado, Machete, and, er, Spy Kids fame—telling you to check out a box of fake weapons on the Counter-Strike workshop. You should probably listen to him. I’ve heard that when knives sleep, they dream of being wielded by Danny Trejo—and they smile.

The set is called the Cutthroat Collection. Each weapon in it is based on a B-movie genre film. The creator of this weapon set, Chris Le, is a filmmaker who’s taken to making CSGO and DOTA 2 skins, many of which are actually pretty sweet. Among other things, Le directed the movie Juarez 2045, which stars Trejo. And thus, everything comes full circle.

It’s all pretty ridiculous (and a little awkward), but it kinda makes its own sort of sense, if you think about it. After all, if you’ve got friends in high places, why wouldn’t you ask them to make people care about your guns with cool snake drawings on the sides? I’m sure we’ve all considered doing it, at one point or another.

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