Illustration for article titled Someone Dumb Thinks GTA IV Violence Inspired By Al-Qaeda

A report from Spiegel online points to someone who isn't that bright theorizing that Grand Theft Auto IV's designers were inspired by attacks from the Osama bin Laden lead terrorist group. Spiegel cites a member of a message board populated by "cyber-jihadists and al-Qa[e]da sympathizers" who contends that GTA IV's use of cellphone triggered bombs "shows the power and effectiveness" of, well, something Al-Qaeda related that is just too dumb to reprint.

The theory is fleshed out by evidence that things explode in GTA IV. Compelling stuff. You've given us a lot to think about this day, random internet moron.


Was Grand Theft Auto IV Inspired by Al-Qaida? [Spiegel via GamePolitics]

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