Someone Beat Halo In Under 97 Minutes for New World Record

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And the guy playing only died seven times. Masterful!

Speedrunner Andrew Halabourda set a world record for a few months ago when he beat the PC version of the first Halo game on Legendary difficulty in 1:38:57. Last night, he managed to shave off even more time with a run that clocked in at 1:36:40.


His even-keeled commentary is one of the best things about Halabourda's runs, which belies the stress and pressure he must be feeling while trying to top himself. "This is a mess of a record," he says at 1:29:34, followed by "I do not know how to feel about this run anymore" at 1:30:07. Sloppy or not, it's a new world record. So you should feel good, Andrew. Damn good.

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And 6 out of the 7 deaths happened in this level...