How does one kill death itself? By getting your hands dirty, of course.

PrettyGrumpyBearGame did an experiment that tested whether or not killing the reaper himself in The Sims 4 is possible. Turns out, under normal circumstances, it isn't possible—the reaper is pretty much immortal. He can't burn to death, he can't starve, and he can't be eaten by a cow plant. Boo.


The reaper is not immune to cheats, however. Sure, that might sound cheap, but you've got to watch how this YouTuber came to find what specific cheats to use—it's not as simple as just telling the game 'kill this character' or something. Instead, PrettyGrumpyBearGame has to convince the game the reaper is mortal by giving him mortal traits. Then, he becomes editable—and killable. You can see the entire process in this funny video, but if you want the quick, humorless version:

Illustration for article titled Someone Actually Managed To Kill The Reaper In emThe Sims 4/em

Now go out there and show death who is boss.

How to kill a reaper in sims 4 [PrettyGrumpyBearGame]

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