Somehow, This Beautiful Cartoon Is Being Animated By Just Two Guys

Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms is an animated film based on the classic Chinese story that's due in 2016. Its trailer makes it look like something coming out of Studio Ghibli, but somehow, the hand-animated sequences are being done by just two humans.


There are more people involved in the rest of the flick (music, 3D stuff, etc), but hand-drawn animation - the centrepiece of the movie - is a laborious process that for feature films usually involves dozens if not hundreds of people.

Seeing just two (Li Wei and Pei Fei, who worked on God Hunters) put together work like this is incredible. Though it also explains why the movie is still so far away.

[via Awesome Robo]


Luke Plunkett

It's pretty smart how they handle it; there's loads of sequences where they hand-animate a character or two (or an effect) then duplicate them. Only they do it so well you only notice that if it's being pointed out that only two guys are working on the animation.