Somebody Wants To Make A Lost Planet Movie?

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Yesterday's episode of Evil Avatar's podcast featured as a special guest David "Voice of Solid Snake" Hayter. They got chatty, they talked Metal Gear, but something else they talked about was Hayter's other line of work: as a Hollywood writer. Over the year's, Hayters worked on movies like X-Men 1 & 2 and the Scorpion King, and he's even at work on the upcoming Watchmen flick as well. Seems he's also in discussions with both Capcom and Warner Bros to write a screenplay for a Lost Planet movie. Interesting choice, Capcom. Can't say I enjoyed the game too much, but the setting could work as a flick, especially if it's pitched at the Chronicles of Riddick end of the budget/market.

Evil Avatar Radio Ep. Eleventy One - David Hayter [Evil Avatar]

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Tim Rogers

Seriously, how many big-time CG movies are set in snowy landscapes?

Ice Age, Ice Age 2, Ice Age 3, Ice Age 4, Ice Age 5; and those seven or eight films about penguins . . .

. . . Snow is cheap, I guess! Lots of white = easy CG!