Marcus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft, is working on something new. It's called, and is a sci-fi game that's got some neat ideas, promising things like working computers and the ability to "seamlessly [land] on planets".

Another neat idea he's had, and one which more developers could do with following, is that he's already released (or at least, hosted on his site) some screenshots of the game. Despite the fact that, at this stage, it's barely a game at all.

So they're rough, yes, and appear to be including a low-poly Team Fortress 2 character, but the point here is that he's giving you an idea of what he's thinking and where he's at, not what the marketing team determines we think will make us buy something.

I mean, we see set photos from movies all the time. Characters half-dressed, superhero costumes obscured by bathrobes and with cigarettes in their mouths. And we still look. How is this any different?

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