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A number of Best Buy customers who purchased copies of Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas starter kit for Nintendo Switch received boxes containing everything but the actual game. The publisher says it is investigating.


As mentioned in our Starlink buyer’s guide yesterday, reports of missing games began popping up on the Switch subreddit on Tuesday, the day of the game’s release. Boxes reportedly contained the physical toys and controller grip necessary to play the toys-to-life space game, but were lacking any sort of game cartridge or code.

According to the Redditors and several emails received through Kotaku’s tip line, the missing game issue seems limited to electronics retailer Best Buy. Many report success getting a replacement through the retailer, though we’ve seen one report of the replacement copy also not containing the game.


We reached out to Best Buy regarding the situation, and were told the issue lies with Ubisoft. When asked for comment, a Ubisoft representative offered Kotaku the following statement:

“We’ve been made aware that a small amount of Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Packs have been shipped without a copy of the disc and/or cartridge included. We are currently investigating the scope of this issue and potential solutions.”

The company urges customers receiving a copy of Starlink without the game inside the box to contact Ubisoft customer service at

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