Some Sound Advice For a Neglected Skyrim Girlfriend

The brothers McElroy, Justin and Griffin of Joystiq, don't just write about video games—they also run the advice show My Brother, My Brother and Me along with their third brother Travis. On it, the McElroys answer questions posed to Yahoo! Answers and Forumspring by random internet users. It's an unspeakably wonderful show—the advice they give ranges from "actually, quite useful!" to "What?" to "Oh my god I can't stop laughing, why are we talking about how the bank is a 'Lady Zoo.'"

They rarely discuss video games, but on a recent show, the brothers got a note from a girl whose boyfriend had gotten Skyrim and was forgoing sleep, food, and even sex to play the game nonstop. A recording of their (NSFW) advice is in the video above.

They had some good tips that could be taken to heart by anyone with a Dovahkiin-obsessed significant other. Basically: You have to give a good enough incentive for them to stop playing, which should probably include sex-pizza and maybe some food-art.


Then again, even a sex-pizza might not work. As Griffin points out, "Let's get our priorities straight: Those Dark Brotherhood contracts aren't going to fulfill themselves, right you guys?"

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Solution for the girl: Find a man with good taste in games.