Some Quick Tips To Help You Be Better With Ana In Overwatch

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Overwatch’s sniper mom supreme, Ana, has been on the game’s public test servers for a couple days now. That might not seem like a ton of time, but for players obsessed understanding Overwatch’s every last in and out, it’s plenty.


People have been experimenting with Ana’s abilities, pushing them to their limits in hopes of obtaining The True Power Of Mom. First, some basics:

  • Unlike Widowmaker, Ana’s shots remain consistently damaging whether they hit somebody’s body or head. If you’re not the world’s greatest sniper, she’s still worth a shot.
  • Ana is a support first and foremost. Don’t play her for sweet 360 no-scopes. A skilled Ana player is one who can juggle the needs of the team (healing/buffs) and bursts of damage.
  • Ana’s weapon can fire in two modes: zoomed-in and zoomed-out. Zoomed-in is hitscan-based, so you aim, fire, and nail your target almost instantly. Zoomed-out, her shot is a projectile, which means it has slightly different properties. Regardless, shots always do the same amount of damage/healing.

Now for some slightly more advanced stuff. Eurogamer discovered that Ana’s sleep dart is an excellent ult counter, especially when you’re dealing with characters like Genji, Roadhog, and Torbjorn, for whom ults are a limited time prospect.

Then, of course, there’s the greatest ult counter in all of Overwatch. When Ana sleep darts her dear daughter, Pharah “Justice rains from above” Amari, mid-ult, Ana says, “I think justice could use a little nap.”

It’s worth noting that sleep dart is worthless against a few ults. Widowmaker’s scan still happens regardless, as does Junkrat’s tire.

Now it’s time for so much nitty gritty that I’d recommend bringing a toothbrush to scrape it off your back molars. Muselk did an Ana-centric episode of his Overwatch Mythbusters series, and he uncovered some interesting stuff.

The short version:

  • Genji cannot deflect Ana’s ult, Nano Boost. I guess he’ll have to remain content being able to deflect rockets, chrono-bombs, mechs, and even feelings.
  • Genji can, however, deflect Ana’s regular shots, and instead of healing her—like you might expect—they do damage.
  • Ana’s sleep effect breaks the second a character takes damage, and sleeping targets can even be woken up by self damage. So if you’re Junkrat and you think you’re about to be put down for a nap, you might consider firing a grenade into the air.

Have you gotten to play Ana much yet? What have you discovered?

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Ana stacking has been a bit OP with the constant ult boosting. Ulting an ulting Genji is also ridiculous in terms of damage. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so easy to build up that ult; damage adds to ult, healing adds to ult, sneezing too loudly increases your ult.