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Some Of These Plastic Figures Might Not Be Work Safe

Illustration for article titled Some Of These Plastic Figures Might Not Be Work Safe

Wonder Festival is a bi-annual event for figurines and cosplay. It's one of the biggest of its kind, with D.I.Y. hobby figure-makers showing off their pieces as well as companies that specialize in turning resin into bookshelf sculptures.

Here's a taste of the figures on display, ranging from Nintendo DS love simulator Love Plus to horror title Silent Hill. There was much more plastic on display, featuring characters from Japanese manga and anime. Some of it is work safe. A lot of it isn't.


The winter Wonder Festival 2011 was held in Chiba's Makuhari Messe, home of the Tokyo Game Show.

Gigazine: pics, pics, pics

Kotaku Japan: pics, pics, pics, pics

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Wonderfest, the only place I could ever dream of obtaining the Beautiful Noel figure :(