Some of the Best Cosplay From BlizzCon 2013

The famous South Park nerd wasn't the only cosplay at BlizzCon this year, you know. There was a ton of cosplay of characters from Blizzard games, too—and MLZ Studios, as always, brings us the cream of the crop.


Curious about who is featured in the video? Here's a list of some of the cosplayers, along with their respective characters:

Lightning Cosplay (Male and Female Barbarians)

Arms, Armor and Awesome (Auriel and Spellbreaker)

Kamui Cosplay (Protoss Wizard)

Jordan Binde (Admiral Stukov)

Maghia Cosplay (female Varian Wrynn)

Lyz Brinkley (Lilith) -…

Lorraine Torres Costume Design (Yzan - Diablo III Concept Character, Caldeum Nobility)

Jessica Nigri (Blood Elf)…

Andy Rae (T13 Death Knight - World of Warcraft)

Monika Lee (Demon Hunter - Diablo III)…

Lindsay Elyse…

Vash Fanatic Cosplay (Anduin Wrynn)

First Keeper (Maghda - Diablo III)

Vickybunnyangel Cosplay (White Wizard)…

Shadowglaive Cosplay (T2 Paladin - World of Warcraft)

Cryptomancer's Cosplay (Tyrael Marine)

Jenki Cosplay (female Blood Elf)

Rachel Rakowski (Terran Ghost - Starcraft 2)




Aaaahhh people sure complain how sexist the outfits are that women wear in these games... yet the female cosplayers choose these outfits.