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Some Guys Get "Portal" Running On The iPhone

Now, we don't even know if this is real. And if it is, whether it's Portal, or just a pared-down imitation of it.

But it certainly looks like other iPhone ports - less stuff and clunky controls - so if it is fake, at least they got that part right.


The Cake May Be a Lie, But This Video Exists [touch Arcade]

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The logo at the bootup of the game is the Unity logo []. So if it is running its not a port of Source. I'm really skeptical though, having programmed games for the iPhone myself and used Unity a bit I don't think its possible. The portal rendering specifically is pratically impossible on iPhone and Unity iPhone has not been updated yet to take advantage of OpenGL ES 2.0 on the 3GS. Without that there is no shader support with Unity, which means no portal rendering. And that load time was also impossibly fast, Loading that much geometry and textures into Unity iPhone takes over a minute, not seconds. You can play video in Unity though, so I'm guessing they are just running a pre-recorded video in Unity.