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If we can trust their own numbers - and really, at this stage, we can't - Microsoft had a great Black Friday. Sold a ton of consoles. But what else sold?


Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian says he knows. Based on "initial checks" with retailers, a number of games have emerged as Black Friday best-sellers. And a number - some surprising titles among them - have emerged as Black Friday failures.


Among the best-sellers - at least based on these "initial checks" (remember, things may change when we get actual NPD figures!) - were the Wii and 360 on the hardware front, along with Wii Fit, Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: World at War.

Among the failures? Sebastian says Need for Speed Undercover, Rock Band & Guitar Hero (all versions of both series) all sold less than expected, which he puts down to "possible consumer boredom with those familiar franchises".

A company that sits uncomfortably between the two is Sony. While they were trounced by Microsoft in overall sales, Peter Dille says PlayStation sales were up 90% from the same time last year, and that overall, sales were on schedule. Kinda lame/boring in comparison to Microsoft's bombastic press release, but gains are gains, we guess.


Black Friday video game sales were strong, Microsoft claims victory [VentureBeat]

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