Last year, Nick Jensen built a 1:1 Halo sniper rifle out of LEGO that was so incredible the mind still boggles as to how he got the job done. It didn't just look like the game's gun, it worked like one too, with bolts, ejecting magazines, the works.

Nick is now back with another weapon from Halo, Reach's M45 shotgun, again built out of LEGO, again with features like moving parts, and again looking absolutely stunning. If you watch the video in the gallery above, you'll see it in action, as he inserts LEGO shells, cocks the pump and looks down the iron sights.

On a LEGO gun.

The thing took two months to build, but from the way you'd get funny looks if you ever tried to take it on a plane, I'd say it was totally worth the elbow grease.


Nick Brick's photostream [FlickR, via Brothers Brick]