Some Great Plays From Overwatch's Open Beta

Overwatch’s open beta has been running for a day, and even then, this is only the early access portion of the show. Still, there’s been an unusually high concentration of excellent moments.

First, here’s Harumiura with a textbook example of how to use Reinhardt. Set ‘em up, knock ‘em down. Really, really far down:


Next, Hotdogo demonstrates how well Overwatch characters’ abilities pair with a Pharah/Zarya combo from hell. Or space, I guess, since a black hole is involved:

Here’s Zarya having a bad time thanks to some slick skating by kiekura’s Lucio. Lucio gets knocked into the big hole on Ilios, Zarya figures he’s dead, and then he pops out and knocks her into the hole. It’s poetic in a way only falling into a hole and dying can be:


Mei’s ice wall isn’t supposed to trap people, but it’s still pretty cool when it does, as demonstrated in this clip from EliteJak:


HotLamp posted a clip of a the world’s most dedicated Mercy player. As they put it, “True support dies with their tank”:


More teamwork! Mei and Reaper pair like fine wine and finer poison in Lyricaldope’s game:


And finally, Swyteh is shocked to find that Genji’s deflect skill even works against D.Va’s giant exploding mech. (Genji can also deflect bullets, icicles, and giant spirit dragons.)

Have you been playing Overwatch? Are you gonna start soon? Regardless, feel free to share your best moments, too!


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