Some Good News, And Bad News, For Mac Users

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Which do you want first, Mac users? Bad news? OK, bad news first: the upcoming Starcraft II beta won't be gracing the Mac later this month. For now, it's PC only. Sorry. Now for the good news!

The good news is, Telltale - developers of the episodic adventure series based on Sam & Max, Monkey Island and Strong Bad (among others) - has announced that as of today, there'll be Telltale games available on the Mac.

Monkey Island is good to go, with users being asked to vote on which series comes next. Presumably so they can tout some kind of fan involvement when its inevitably announced that Sam & Max is the series coming next.


As someone who moonlights as a Mac gamer when I'm on my laptop, I'd just like to say thank you, Telltale.

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I'm a Mac gamer who plays any and all computer games (including WC3 and WoW) in the XP ghetto on the other half of the hard drive. I'm sad, disillusioned, bitter, angry, and sad... but not really surprised.