Some fool was talking about Minecraft and Microsoft on the PBS Newshour last night. You can watch the segment or read a transcript here. No news. Just me explaining to the PBS crowd what Minecraft is and why it matters.


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I haven't watched the PBS News Hour more than probably twice in the last 12 months, but I happened to turn it on last night and there was Mr. Totilo of Kotaku! It was so exciting! I told my wife, who has decided to paint our front room, "I know that guy! He's the editor of that website I'm always talking about." Then, oddly enough, I had a dream that I ran into you at the grocery store where I was picking up Dark Souls 3 from Redbox and really wanted you to come play it with me. Sadly, you had "stuff" to do and it didn't work out.

On a side note, it was so interesting to hear Mr. Shrinavasan (sp?) talk about Minecraft and Oculus Rift. It was very apparent to me that he had only a very superficial (relatively speaking, of course) understanding of the world of video games and I found myself thinking, "Man, is this how I sound when I talk about geopolitics to someone who actually knows stuff about geopolitics?" Anyway, good on him for giving it the old college try. I also found myself thinking, "Man, (*note, this is how most of my internal dialogues start) this guy is really missing out; there's a whole fantastic world of video games that is almost completely undiscovered for him. He's never played Dark Souls! He's never played Fallout! He's never played Chrono Trigger! He's never played Freespace 2!" Then I felt all :(

I love video games. Good job, Mr. Totilo! And thanks for covering the story PBS and Mr. Shrinavasan!