Some Fable II Players Report 'Freezing' Issues

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And it was all going so well! Several users - both in our inbox and the official Lionhead Forums - say that Fable II has been 'freezing' or locking up at various stages. "as soon as I got into my adult stage in the gypsy camp it froze," said Lionhead Forum member 'Sansight', "Strange freeze too, loud buzzing noise for about a second, then the screen gets all sorts of weird artifacts."There has been some speculation that the recent co-op patch may be the cause of the issues. These are still early reports, though, and it is unclear if there is actually a fault with the game or if this is just a few unlucky gamers with a hardware problem. Please let us know in comments if you have been affected. Lionhead has been contacted for comment. Problems with freezing... [Lionhead Forums]


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Heck my Fable(Original Freezes on my 360) and I downloaded it on XBLA.