Some Amazon Customers Might Not Get Their Xbox Series X Until Christmas

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Image: Microsoft

While some people are already opening up their brand new Xbox Series X consoles, for others—specifically those who ordered through Amazon—there might be a bit of a wait.


As many on Twitter are now sharing, Amazon has today sent out emails to some customers telling them:


We’re contacting you with an update regarding your order of Xbox Series X. We expect to ship your console in the coming weeks as we receive more inventory in November and December. At this time, we anticipate that you will receive your Xbox Series X by 12/31 or before. We are making every effort to get it to you as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.

You’d love to get this email less than 24 hours before the console’s launch, right when you would have been expecting to get your hands on it and start playing with your very expensive pre-order. You would just cherish it.

Hopefully this isn’t impacting too many people, and for those who are affected, that they come in a lot faster than December 31.

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What utter bullshit.

I learned my lesson with Amazon pre-orders when the 1X came out (why would anyone pre-order something to have it be delivered AFTER release day??).

HOWEVER, definitely put in a complaint. I did so with my 1X and was offered 1 of three options, a 1-month prime extension, a $10 credit, or 15% off for the order. I obviously took the discount which came to $75 off the $500 purchase.

No idea what options they offer these days, but it’s definitely worth the complaint.