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The developers behind the episodic Kuma\War series are once again capitalizing on deadly real-world events, putting players in the shoes of the plundered with Somali Showdown: Pirates on the High Seas.


Kuma Games has quickly turned the recent spate of Somali cargo hijackings into a free to play video game based on the real world events. According to official word, the multiplayer "attack and defend" episode will see "vicious Somali pirates hijack a commercial cargo ship and attempt to hold the captain and crew hostage."

Yes, the graphics may be violently hijacking your eyeballs, but the thing is free. I've yet to play one of the 100-plus Kuma\War episodes, and the official trailer for Somali Showdown: Pirates on the High Seas doesn't look like it's going to change that.

But if you feel like defending cargo against "ruthless," "bloodthirsty" Somalians, you can do so starting tomorrow.

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