SOG makes knives, Danger Close makes video games featuring men who use knives. Seems like a perfect fit, no?


SOG's latest line is both inspired by and featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It features a knife, multitool and a tomahawk designed specifically for the game - the Voodoo Hawk.

Illustration for article titled SOG Teams Up With emMedal of Honor/em to Create Bad Ass Blades for Charity

All proceeds from sales of the Voodoo Hawk will go toward Project Honor, EA's new initiative to help raise charitable funds for military organizations such as The Navy Seal Foundation.

SOG's VP of Marketing says the company is, "Honored to be asked by the Medal of Honor producers to work with them in creating a unique weapon specifically for this game. The dedication to accuracy is incredible."


For more on SOG's line of MoH inspired gear and the Voodoo Hawk, head to their website.

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