SOCOM: Confrontation Update Coming Early January

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The latest update for Sony's tactical shooter won't quite make it in time for the holidays.


The newest patch to come, version 1.30, is said to fix plenty of bugs and errors, namely stability issues and, most notably, the "heart attack" bug (couldn't find a Youtube video, sorry). The good news is the patch has been sent for certification. The bad news, however, is that people typically have off over the holidays, so don't expect a released until after then. Seth Luisi on the SOCOM blog writes:

Unfortunately, due to the Holidays the update will not be approved by SCE Format QA until early next year. Our QA staff will be here, testing the game over vacation, but the SCE QA teams which must approve the update before release will not. Again, these teams must approve all titles and updates before they can be released. We are unable to release the 1.30 update without their approval. As much as I would like to play Scrooge, it is impossible for us to cancel their vacation and get them to approve it over the holiday.

The scheduled release for 1.30 is during the weeks of January 5th or January 12th. For now, though, singalong and enjoy this Christmas special!

(SOCOM Blog via Ars Technica)



I really wish they would have delayed this game rather than release it prematurely and play catch-up later. I know it's easier said than done considering all the functional Sony pieces that keep propelling this title for release, but man, this is a horrid situation for SOCOM.