Slinking through shadows solo, tossing bullet casings to distract, hiding bodies: SOCOM 4's few stealth levels offer a completely new take on the 9-year-old squad-based shooter series.

While a bulk of the levels in Playstation 3 exclusive SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs still fall back on the classic squad command mechanics that helped the series stand apart from other shooters, there are a number of stealth missions that put you in the combat boots of operative Forty Five.


Here's a look at the first you'll come across while playing through the campaign. This video gives you a good sense of the basic mechanics of SOCOM solo stealth play. You can pull off stealth kills, have to worry about hiding bodies, use the shadows (with the help of a detection meter) to hide from enemies and toss bullet casings to distract.

The levels are often later revisited by your full team during the day for a more traditional firefight, so think of these night levels as not only a chance to sneak through an area for intelligence, but a chance to scout out your next firefight.

While the pure stealth levels are limited to these night missions run by Forty Five, you still can use a bit of a stealth approach in the main missions.

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