To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Day Note: Sewer Shark Not sure if anyone has experienced this or owns Macs (I know you don't!), but my AirPort Express keeps dropping out for some reason. It's happened a bunch. I created a secure network and everything, but like today, couldn't get my Mac or my wife's online via it. Is it worth upgrading or am I doing it wrong? :/ What you missed last night Why The 360 Didn't Ship With A HDD (And Why The PS3 Did) Holy Photocopiers! Guitar Praise Unboxed Life With PlayStation Out Now U.S. International Trade Commission Investigating Wii Patent Infringement Case King Of Fighters XII Hits Japanese Arcades In April 2009 (Plus New Footage) Kojima Needs "Clamps", BioShock "Easy As Hell" "Shocking Announcement" Coming From White Knight Chronicles Dev? You (Yes, YOU) Are Cordially Invited To Arcade Mania! Book Launch