So Why Didn't Wii Ghostbuster Copy The Cartoon?

For anyone growing up in the 1980s, cartoon The Real Ghostbusters was quality Saturday Morning television. It seems like it would be perfect fodder for the Wii version of the Ghostbusters game.

When asked why the animated series, which rad from 1986 to 1991, wasn't tapped, game designer Drew Haworth explains, "We avoided reference to any of the animated series. This isn't a reflection of their quality, but because the animated series isn't actually considered canon, and everyone from Sony to the original creators to us didn't want to create any confusion by blending them."


Valid point, but screw "canon" — the cartoon was so great. Know what else was great? The Real Ghostbusters toys.

Why Ghostbusters for the Wii Isn't the "Real" Thing [Kombo via GoNintendo]

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