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So, Where (or When) Do You Think Assassin's Creed III Will Be?

Illustration for article titled So, Where (or When) Do You Think emAssassins Creed III/em Will Be?

Turns out that new Assassin's Creed title is another Ezio game. Good news, sure, as the last two have been great, but at the same time...people are getting the itch for somebody new. For that third Assassin's Creed game.


One that will get us out of the Renaissance and into not only the shoes of a new character, but the cities of a new time. And place.


Where, then, would you like to see the series taken? What time, or place, or city, or theme would you like to see developers Ubisoft explore?

The game is based in history with a science fiction twist, so the possibilities are seemingly endless. It could be another historical title, it could do the unexpected and shoot us off into space, or the distant future. At this stage we don't know what or where the game will take us, and as such, guessing is half the fun. Actually, until a third game is unveiled, it's all the fun.

Here's my hope/prediction: revolutionary America. Specifically, Boston and New York.

Why? Well, let's see:

- It's another period of turmoil. Both previous titles have been set against the backdrop of political and/or social upheaval, which not only provides an excuse to put bad guys on the streets, it gives your character a resistance movement or underground with which to operate.


- It's about as late as you can get without having to fundamentally alter the entire gameplay mechanics of the series. Go much further, into the 19th century, and you enter the age of revolvers and rifles, rendering the knife-work and swordplay that are so important to the series' appeal impossible.

- The jump from the first Assassin's Creed game to the second was roughly 300 years. The same leap from the Renaissance lands you in...revolutionary America. Or revolutionary France, for that matter, but it'd be great to play just one of these games without having to choose between dodgy accents or subtitles.

Those are my "logical" explanations. Mostly, though, I just dig that era, and find the idea of stalking Redcoats and riding across wooden bridges in the dead of night to be similar enough to the past games to remain familiar but new enough to feel fresh.


What about you guys?

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I still have my hopes up for Victorian Age London. Plenty of characters that you can use from that era (Jack the Ripper, anyone?) and the historic location itself is pretty cool. Even if you have guns at that point, albeit shoddy ones, the baddies might actually pose a challenge for a change, and hence shift the game to a more assassin-like approach. It doesn't really sit well with me if you can face 100 guys at the same time and beat them to a pulp easily. ;)