Trophy support on the PlayStation 3 has been live for awhile now, but good number of us have yet to actually unlock any ego-boosting status symbols on our shiny Sony systems. Our own lack of trophies along with news that major games like Fallout 3 would be shipping with no support for the feature led us to wonder about the current overall status of trophies on the PS3. We gathered up our consoles, kissed our loved ones goodbye, stocked up on canned food and got ready to compile the greatest trophy support list ever created. Then our intern, Jim Reilly, pointed us to TheSixthAxis, where they've already done that. We love Jim. TheSixthAxis maintains a list of games and the status of trophy support of said games, from the seven that can currently net you silver, gold, and gold-pressed latinum prizes to the titles that won't be supporting them at all. There's the odd mistake here and there, like listing Fallout 3 as supporting trophies via patch (not confirmed), but all in all it gives you a fairly good idea of where the trophy feature stands - expectantly looking out the window for new games. PS3 Trophy Game List [TheSixthAxis]